Record Smashing: What Is The Longest Airbus A380 Flight?

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The Airbus A380 is the largest commercial passenger aircraft ever built. While the jet is designed for long-haul operations, it’s not as well known for its range when compared to efficient twinjets like the Boeing 787-8, Boeing 777-200LR, and Airbus A350-900ULR. Despite this, the aircraft type still manages to connect some impressive city pairs- even now when travel demand is relatively weak. In this video, let’s look at the Airbus A380’s longest flights.

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Video sources:
A380 Emirates Tim Clark
A380 Emirates in Cairo )
A380 Emirates Air to Air flights
A380 Asiana Air to Air
A380 China Southern )
A380 Etihad
A380 Qantas
Qantas- A380 Engine Run Test
A380 Qantas Air to Air
737 A380 Qantas
A350 ULR Singapore Making
777-200LR Air India
787 ANA delivery of the first
A380 Emirates London Gatwick Landing Takeoff

Qantas A380 in storage - Vincenzo Pace

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