Traveling Pakistan Paharpur City Tour KPK Road Trip 2020

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Traveling Pakistan Paharpur City Tour KPK Road Trip 2020. I'm traveling to Pakistan by road. You will watch in this video, Paharpur City tour, Bazar, shops, streets, transport, and street foods. Paharpur is located in the Dera Ismail Khan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. I'm on Mianwali - D I Khan Road. A link road From Rangpur leads to Paharpur. It is about 7 Km from Rangpur and 35 Km from Dera Ismail Khan. The link road is in good condition. Old acacia trees along the road are beautiful. Subdivision Paharpur's population is about 400000. It is the junction of the Baloch and Pashtun tribes. The Crowdy Main Bazar of Paharpur is cheap. I was reading the Newspaper in 1998 when I read the name of Paharpur first time in my life then I decided to visit this place in my life. Today I was passing nearby so It is a good chance to visit now. Major crops are grown in Subdivision Paharpur are sugarcane, cotton, rice, wheat, maize, and barley. Mostly single-story houses. The transportation vehicles are modified. The spoken languages are Saraiki, Pashto, Balochi, Urdu, and English. Pakistan has good potential in the tourism industry. The Federal Govt and Provincial Govt are focusing to increase the number of foreign tourists in Pakistan. Traveling is cheap in the country and flights' fare is also cheap for Pakistan. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is the best destination for local and foreign tourists. Every year in a large number of traveler, tour, YouTubers, travel bloggers, solo traveler, motorbiker and organized bus tour visit KPK. Dera Ismail Khan district bordering with Punjab, old FATA. Thanks for watching Like, Share and Subscribe Tarar Support.
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